About Us


Shanti Patra Plastics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneers in tape industry offering types of water-based acrylic emulsion self-adhesiveBOPP tapes for more than 20 year Our Company is one of the leading manufacturer of BOPP Tapes and Strapping Rolls in India, with a long way ahead in domestic and international market share.
Established in the year 1997, Shanti Patra Plastics Pvt. Ltd. grew from the little shed with a single machine to 30,000 sq foot land with great faith and whole lot of dedication. Mr. Jitendra Desai and Mr. Darshan Desai, managing directors of Shanti Patra Plastics Pvt. Ltd., enjoy the reputation of being the game changer in the industry. Our strength is a genuine guaranteed material with timely supply.

The company is situated at Daman. Over the years with our expertise, we have continuously been adding a wide range of tape accessories to our existing collection on a regular basis. We have the proficient ability in manufacturing an extensive range of high-quality BOPP Tapes which are usually known as ‘pioneers’ in the market. Our BOPP Tapes have tough structure and high tensile strength for packaging and labeling. Bopp Tapes are offered in a variety of colors, thickness, roll lengths and roll widths. When it comes to safe, durable and reliable adhesive tapes, Shanti Patra Plastics Pvt. Ltd. occupies the foremost position. With our continuous hard work and commitment to our products and customers, we have now become one of the leading adhesive tapes and strapping rolls manufacturers in india.

Shanti Patra Plastics Pvt. Ltd. is still growing. We constantly strive to maintain high product quality. We focus on cutting-edge technology. By using the latest manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art equipments, we are able to produce the highest quality products in the industry and provide those at very low cost to our customers. Customers have been coming from all over the world in increasing numbers. We like to exhibit our new products to our customers from time to time, long before most other companies even come to know about them. We strongly believe in growth through collaboration and mutual partnerships. Our core values of honesty and respect have allowed us to build a loyal and ever-expanding customer base.

We tend to identify in advance the quality requirements of our customers and incorporate the results in the development and manufacture of our products. The qualities that make us better than others.

  • Consistent, accurate and curvature free winding of strap.
  • The team of qualified & skilled professionals.
  • Quality improvements and thus avoiding errors is our ultimate goal.
  • Those can be passed on to you in our fair price policy.
  • Sustained customer satisfaction.
  • Strong dealer network to service our customers on time.