Shanti Patra Plastics Pvt Ltd has been serving the packaging industry for a long time with its broad range of packaging tapes and films. Our company adheres to the needs of Packaging industry which require the custom-printed or signature tapes with company logo or name, a particular product line or any other watermark. We duly accomplish these requirements effectively. This not only prevents tampering but also provides companies with a branding opportunity.

  • Our expertise lies in manufacturing superior quality of packaging tapes that can be used in carton box sealing and for the stationery purpose.
  • Our BOPP (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene) tapes have rugged structure and high tensile strength making them ideal for packaging and labeling.
  • The BOPP tape is accessible in different colors keeping the distinct needs of the customers in mind.
  • The following is to provide you with the basic advantages of tape.
Film Thickness mm Tape thickness mm Adhesion strength (Gms./inch.) Break Point of Elongation Tensile Strength(Kg./inch.)
25 micron 0.048 650 (Min.) 100 7.00(Min.)
30 micron 0.055 700 (Min.) 112 7.50(Min.)
  • WIDTH OF TAPE: 9 m.m, 12 m.m., 18 m.m., 24m.m., 36m.m., 48m.m., 60m.m., 72m.m.
  • NOS.PER CARTION:384, 288, 192, 144, 96, 72, 60, 48
  • COLOUR: Trans, Brown, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, white
  • LENGTH OF ROLL: 65 mtr., 650 mtr., 1000 mtr.


  • High Quality Products
  • Presence in every corner of India
  • Modern manufacturing facilities with latest standard certifications
  • Product-development driven by innovation and excellence
  • Brand Marketing Support
  • Efficient Customer Service
  • Competitive Prices