Everything You Need to Know About BOPP Adhesive Tape

What is a BOPP Tape?

BOPP is Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film that is coated with a water-based adhesive. Today, BOPP tape is commonly used in a plethora of industries for shipping and inventory management. Its versatility makes it useful in a variety of applications, and one of them is packaging.

Features of BOPP Tape

BOPP tape is made of a thermoplastic polymer, which means that it can be used in both hot and cool temperatures. The tape has a rugged structure and provides high tensile strength making it perfect for packaging. It also provides protection from abrasion, moisture and a variety of chemical solvents. Manufacturers can also opt for customization, thanks to the tape material being easy to coat and print on. Most BOPP films are safe to use as they are non-toxic while some are even eco-friendly and recyclable.

Types of BOPP Tape

BOPP tape comes in three types— transparent, coloured and customized prints.
Transparent tapes are used for packaging products that need visibility. They could be used to seal packaging that contains special instructions.
Coloured tapes are applicable for managing inventory by helping in the identification of products.

Customized print tape can be used for a variety of factors. They can be utilized for a more efficient inventory management, or communicating special care instructions. Custom design may also be used by e-commerce companies in advertising or building brand awareness through their packaging.

Usage of BOPP in Industries

Various industries use BOPP tapes for the purpose of sealing and shipping medium to heavy-duty carton boxes. They are also used to keep a track of inventory management. The logistics industry is known to make heavy use of BOPP tape, although now these tapes have made a striking appearance in the increasingly growing E-commerce sector. E-commerce brands such as Voonik, Nykaa, Flipkart, and many more have taken a liking to custom-printed BOPP tapes to increase brand visibility and presence. Other industries include banks, publications, electronics, jewelers, packers & movers and more.

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